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Power boats should be equipped with two complete sets of anchors, chain, and line, each set connected with anchor shackles. The chain and the shackles in both sets should be the same size. If a set is lost or fouled and unable to be retrieved, the second set is available. If at anchor during a storm, or caught without power in strong wind or current, the second set can be deployed to supplement the first set. Also, the chain and line can be added to lengthen the first set, increasing “scope” and increasing the anchor’s holding power.

He was 16 years old and just got a fishing gig on a small 20-foot skiff with a couple, Jason and Lucy Grier. They took David for his first season...

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Use this tool to plan your next boating trip. Get reports for the weather, tides and more! You can also create an electronic float plan and download a pre-departure checklist!

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